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With 3 million products and 1000 available models, ATLANTIS is the immediate answer to your every need of supply.

Sign up online and with the drop of a hat move to our catalogue to check out our prices and delivery times. You will be surprised by the variety and quality of the products, but even more by our prices and customer service which will look after you both politely and attentively during the whole service before and after the sale.

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Custom-made design. Customize your hats.

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production in 10 days

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37 delivery days

minimum order 288 pieces only,
production in 37 days

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customizable with the ADS software

45 delivery days

minimum order 288 pieces only,
production in 45 days

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custom-made with no limits in terms of shape, colour and design

If you wish to create your own customized hat by yourself, what you need is only a computer and an internet connection, and with your browser you will enter our exclusive configuring program. It is a quick and complete way to create your hat step by step on line, by knowing prices and delivery times from the very beginning and saving the project with data and pictures. Should you not be pleased with it, you can modify it however and whenever you want to.

As an alternative, a team of experts in style, graphics and purchases is at your complete disposal! Starting from a simple idea, we create customized hats for the merchandising, for the world of sport or fashion. Your dreams come true with us.

Private Label. Your Brand our Quality.

Private labels usually are products realized by Atlantis on behalf of other companies with their own clothing, merchandising trademarks or others. Our care for the product and the attention to quality have allowed us to collaborate with prestigious companies of the Mass Distribution and important companies working in the world of fashion, in Italy and abroad.

Many tools for our clients. Easy to use, useful and exclusive .

ATLANTIS Tracking System

A practical control panel to follow the status of your orders online in real time.

ATLANTIS Software Suite

Powerful online software by ATLANTIS.
Infinite solutions for your creativity

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3 million hats and 1000 available models in prompt delivery

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Certifications. Business ethics, quality, safety and sustainability.

The business ethics, quality, safety and sustainability of its own products and actions represent for Atlantis Caps necessary values. That is why Atlantis Caps has started various certifying processes linked to the product ethics and quality.